Soft Tissue And Remedial Sports Massage

The aim of my treatments is to reduce and ultimately eliminate musculoskeletal pain in my clients using a combination of deep tissue massage and advanced massage techniques.

Star Sports Massage is a small business based near Sedgley, covering the West Midlands and South Staffs regions and run by myself Neil Willetts. I trained at the Oxford School of Sports Massage where I achieved a Professional Diploma as a Soft Tissue Therapist to BTEC Level 5

Is it just for sports people?

No, each and everyone of us is likely to experience aches and pains at some time. These can be the result of exercise, usually a day or so after a training session. The job of a manual labourer can be likened to a daily workout. They can also be caused by lifestyle which can lead to poor posture, for example an office worker who is seated for the majority of the day is likely to experience some pain or discomfort in the neck/shoulder or back region. This sedentary lifestyle can lead to a change away from the ideal posture leading to groups of muscles ‘switching off’. This then causes neighbouring or opposing muscle groups to work harder to take up the strain which can then lead to the pain or discomfort.

A postural assessment will highlight any such problems from which a treatment plan can be devised, involving both treatment and exercises to revert back to an ideal posture.

As such, anyone can benefit from Star Sports Massage.

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